Leadership doesn’t come with a title!

Leadership is a hot topic these days, and worthy of some consideration if you are in a leadership position. Far too many people think that it comes with a title, but the title should actually follow the maturity, wisdom and grace of a person that senses a calling on his life. Below is an article […]

How is your church doing?

How is your church doing? Dr. Thom Rainer gives some signs by which you can measure the well-being of your church. Full article here: 8 Warning Signs of the Most Common Factor in Declining Churches – Rainer on Leadership #068

The Myth of Privacy

Big Brother is here and he knows what you are doing now. “Researchers at the Technical University of Munich have come up with a process that creates a holographic image of a space from the microwave radiation of a Wi-Fi signal bouncing off people and objects. The scientists say their method could be used in […]

Archeologists prove that the Tower of Babel really existed

“As an Assyriologist, I don’t deal in the Bible, and I am not a religious person, but in this case, I can say there is an actual building which does seem to be the inspiration for the Biblical narrative,” Dr. George acknowledged to Breaking Israel News. More and more, archaeologists are finding proof that Biblical […]

Billy Graham’s daughter confesses national sins

Hours after President Donald Trump signed an executive order on “religious liberty” and a proclamation for the National Day of Prayer, the 68-year-old Lotz, who chaired the National Day of Prayer Task Force, gave the keynote message at the annual National Day of Prayer observance on Capitol Hill. Anne Graham Lotz, a renowned evangelist and Billy […]

Extreme Euthanasia Performed

A Dutch doctor drugged an elderly woman and then asked her family to hold her down as she fought desperately not to be killed, but did not break the law. Regional Review Committee Chairman Jacob Kohnstamm said: ‘I am convinced that the doctor acted in good faith, and we would like to see more clarity […]