Worship is an activity that is common among Christians. Like everything else that Christians do, worship can either be based on tradition, a trend, or the Word. From the earliest times, people who had an awareness of God yearned to worship Him in some way. Worship runs like a thread through the Bible, starting with Genesis chapter 4 where Cain and Abel brought sacrifices to honour God. The last mention of worship is in the book of Revelation where the worship in heaven is like the sound of many waters and mighty thunderings.

Churches invest much time and resources in their worship practices. As a matter of fact, worship has become a tool that is used to grow membership in many churches where it became the main event on a Sunday morning. Musicians, bands, singers, various instruments, lights, smoke, projectors, and other paraphernalia make worship a spectacular occasion, designed to appeal to both sinner and saint alike. What about all of this?

What is the purpose of worship, how is it done best, and where? This study aims to discover true worship as we find it in the Bible.