eBook: Pastor's Manual


I put together the notes in this manual when we started our ministry fresh out of Bible School, and always
found it very helpful when something unexpected happened in our church. I now make this manual available to pastors to help them in their ministries. Pastors are always looking for fresh ways to increase their effectiveness as they serve their churches.

This manual covers:

1. The Divine Calling, 2. The Five Ministry Gifts, 3. Pastoral tasks: Child dedication, Baptism of Believers, Serving communion, Weddings, Ministering to the Bereaved, 4. Excellence in Ministry, 5. Excellence in the Pulpit, 6. The goal of the Pastoral Ministry, 7. Time Management, 8. Integrity and Ethics in Ministry, 9. Discipline in the local church, 10. Visiting Preachers, 11. When you are a Guest Speaker.

I offer these guidelines with the full understanding of and respect for the importance of local customs and legislation on some of the aspects discussed here. It is wise to respect customs and traditions that are not in
conflict with the Word.