Ignorance is the fiercest enemy of Christians today. Ignorance of the truth not only deprives good people of the peace and joy of the Lord, but also of realizing their potential in life, their health, marriage, family, opportunities, etc. WordWise is a resource network for believers who desire to grow spiritually and properly understand the times we live in in order to become fruitful Christians in the last days.


WordWise started in 1997 as a Bible training ministry in Brussels, Belgium. Thirty-four students representing fourteen different nationalities graduated from that first class. Most of them entered ministry full time. In 1999, WordWise relocated to Toronto, Canada, with satellite schools springing up in South Africa as well, where courses were offered in a classroom setting. But the lifeblood of the school was always its distance education program, where training for ministry was made accessible to many students in countries like Sudan, Uganda, Papua New Guinea, United States, Bahrain, Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya, Hong Kong and China. WordWise even reaches into prisons, where some students serve long term prison sentences.


Today, WordWise has developed into a cross-platform resource network where those hungry for God’s Word can gain valuable training and stay up to date with relevant world events from anywhere on the planet, using the power of the Internet. WordWise Word School is available as an online school, offering a video-based curriculum. For more info click here.