In 1998 God spoke to Pastor Johan and told him that, just as people are streetwise, to make His people Wordwise.

We have come to realize that ignorance is the fiercest enemy of Christianity; it deprives good people of the peace and joy of the Lord, but also of fulfilling their potential in life. WordWise is a Bible School for believers who desire to grow spiritually and become effective in their Christian walk. We are not a theological seminary and we don’t teach theology; our teachings are taken directly from the Bible and are practical and easy to follow.

Our PURPOSE is to prepare Christians for the great spiritual awakening that God has promised for the last days.


We believe that when a person understands their purpose in life, and possesses an accurate knowledge of the Bible, they are prepared for a successful life. While we value and respect academic learning, our mandate is to focus on revelation of the essential truths of the Word of God.

In our teachings we use only the Bible as handbook, and students work from their own Bibles.


The truth of the Word unlocks our God-given potential, making it possible for us to pursue and fulfill our life’s purpose. Accordingly, we strive to teach life-giving principles rather than filling the minds of students with facts and details that do not contribute to spiritual growth.

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