Two Adams

The Bible talks about two Adams: first Adam who disobeyed God and died spiritually. He raised a posterity of children like him: spiritually dead and alienated from God--the Source of…

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The New Life in Christ

If you surrendered your life to Christ, you have become a new creation - a new person altogether. Your past has been erased and you have a treasure in the…

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Everybody has an identity, and wants to be known by it. For some it is their profession, others prefer sports, political affiliation, or something else. As believers, we received a…

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No longer strangers

We once were alienated from God who is the Source of life. But God in His love and grace reached out to us and brought us into His family. We…

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The Blood of Jesus

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We find roots of the blood sacrifice in the earliest history of man. Revelation of the significance of the blood sacrifice unfolds in greater detail as we go through Scripture.…

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The Reality of Our Redemption

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Enjoying the benefits of redemption is very different from knowing about it. We were set free from the bondage of the devil to enjoy the life that Jesus came to…

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