Ten Benefits of the Local Church


So many well-meaning Christians wander from service to service and church to church, week after week. They are welcome everywhere, but belong nowhere. Some reason that they belong to the larger Body of Christ instead of a local church, while others believe that they are involved with the Kingdom of God by being involved with all churches. However, there are some benefits that the local church has to offer that deserve consideration:

  • The local church offers a balanced diet, planned for spiritual maturity, building line upon line and precept upon precept, as opposed to a fruit salad of different things meant for other people at another place and a different purpose.
  • The local church offers a family environment where believers of like-minded faith surround you in good times and bad.
  • Your commitment to the local church gives you access to a pastor that is committed to you when you need a friend, a listening ear, tailor-made counsel and prayer.
  • The local church pursues a vision in unison with it’s members that enables you to be a part of something bigger than yourself that you can never accomplish on your own.
  • The local church offers you an environment where you can develop and contribute your talents and actually see the fruit thereof.
  • If you are not faithfully committed to a local church, you may find yourself lonely in times of sickness, tragedy or other hardship. Don’t be a homeless Christian!
  • Though imperfect, the local church is a safe and under-standing fellowship that will stick to you from the cradle to the grave.
  • Children that grow up in a local church see it going through the good and the tough times, and learn to be loyal and stable no matter the circumstances. They will not run away when things get difficult around them!
  • Interacting with the same people in the same church all the time stimulates faith, shapes your character and builds confidence and respect.
  • The local church is the Body of Christ on earth and it is more effective when the members are connected to one another.

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