The truth of the Word leads us to

discover mysteries


In 1998 God spoke to Pastor Johan and told him that, just as people are streetwise, to make His people Wordwise through Bible teachings.

Our purpose is to prepare Christians for the great spiritual awakening that God has promised for these days. Religious traditions have “made the Word of God of no effect” (Mark 7:13) and rendered the church weak and poor. Ignorance is the fiercest enemy of Christianity; it deprives people of fulfilling their potential in life.

Life only becomes meaningful when we discover both our identity in Christ and true purpose. WordWise Word School brings the understanding of the new creation in Christ within reach of everyone who is searching for true fulfilment.

Success comes when the will of God is known and done!


Rev Johan du Toit

Rev. Johan du Toit is the Founder and President of WordWise Word School, Inc. He is a visionary, author, teacher of the Word and Pastor.

“Words are the currency of God’s Kingdom” – Johan du Toit

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WordWise has always been involved in missions, both local and foreign. We have taken the gospel to more nations than we can mention, and visited 16 nations in person.

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WordWise Word School is for believers who desire to grow spiritually and become effective in their Christian walk.

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Jesus is the Prince of Peace!  Invite Him into your life and experience what it means to have eternal life!

Romans 10:8-13 and 2 Corinthians 5:17


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