Simple Church or Corporate Giant?


What a difference we find when we study the church in Acts, and the churches of today! How is it that the church moved from simple gatherings in homes to corporate giants built on business principles? Why did we exchange the power of the Holy Spirit for marketing strategies to grow our churches? We even watered down the gospel message, proven over centuries to be so successful to convert the hardest sinners into saints.

The church of today is in serious trouble, but doesn’t seem to know it. Very soon we will be standing before the Head of the church to give account for what we did with our callings as ministers, and for the souls that we failed to minister to effectively. The day is fast approaching when we will have to explain why we chose not to obey the Great Commission, but instead followed the fancy vision statements of the corporate world.

Much can be said about these things, and maybe the time has come to follow the successful model of the early church, and go back to the Bible and spiritual principles given to us by the Lord Himself. Click here for more on this topic.

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