A Timeline for the World’s Future


Everybody knows that things cannot continue the way they are without a disastrous end. Whether your focus is on the economy, pollution, politics, weather, overpopulation, disease, etc., warnings exist that the direction the world is heading in points to a future fraught with danger. For this reason many choose not to pay attention to the news, but it is always better to be prepared. You have nothing to lose if nothing happens!

When we turn to the Bible we see God walking through history, one step at a time. Right after creation and the fall of man, God promised the Seed of the woman – pointing to Christ who would come to restore what the devil had destroyed. We follow a winding path through history as God’s plan unfolded: the flood, the beginning of the nation of Israel, the exodus from Egypt and the Law, Israel in the Promised Land, Israel’s disobedience and exile, the birth of Jesus and His work of reconciliation between God and man, the era of the church and God’s grace, and, finally, the end when all things will be restored according to God’s original plan for man.

We find ourselves in the church era, a time when God’s grace is freely available to everyone who wishes to escape His wrath which is to come upon those who chose to run away from Him as Adam did. This era will come to an end, as did all the others behind us. It would be a mistake to look at our short space in history thinking that everything will continue as they do. God is marching on through time, and things change along the way.

The Bible doesn’t give dates when one era folds into the next one, but it does describe seasons in which such changes take place. It also gives detailed timelines that explains the order of steps to come. One such timeline can be found in Daniel chapter 9. This timeline coincides with history as we know it, as well as other timelines found elsewhere in the Bible, proving its accuracy and giving us the assurance that the steps to follow will certainly take place as it is written. This is a very interesting study that we will do in our Connecting the Dots meetings at Williams Lake. If you don’t live in the area, you will be able to follow it on Periscope.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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