Israel non-profit mints silver coin to fund third temple


We know from Scripture that there will be a temple in Israel during the tribulation period. Daniel 9:27 and 2 Thessalonians 2:3,4 mention this temple, and that the anti-christ will sit in it as God, demanding to be worshipped. Israel last had a temple during the time of Christ, but it was destroyed in 70 AD. Interesting development!

“For this reason, the first temples were, and the third temple must be, a house of prayer for all nations,” Weiss said. “The Temple was and will be, the only hope for true peace among the nations. History has shown that any effort to bring the nations together that is not centered in Jerusalem, the city of peace, ends in catastrophe.” 

He said that the silver half-shekel was required from the Jews, but the Temple was also maintained by the nations (meaning non-Jews) for any person seeking to be part of the House of God of Israel. 

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