Winning the spiritual war

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Winning the spiritual war

Fighting spiritual wars is part of the Christian life. There will always be a battle in which the enemy tries to steal your faith or to make you doubt the love of God. Tests come to assess our faith, but they lead to promotion when we win. Listen to this very informative teaching and learn how to win your battles!

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Identity is probably the most important aspect of human life on earth. Everybody has an identity, whether they like it or not – nobody wants to be a nobody! Identity provides a person with an accepted and secure place in society. It also helps others to relate to you.

This study will help you to see your identity in Christ. You were born with an earthly identity, but Jesus changed it and made all things new. If you are in Him, you have become a new creation, and finding out who this new person is will be the greatest discovery you will ever make! Get it here!

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