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And blessed be God Most High, Who has delivered your enemies into your hand.” And he gave him a tithe of all. (Genesis 14:20)

This is the story of the first tithe ever given, and it happened over four hundred years before the law came into being. Without anybody telling him to do so, Abram gave a tithe to Melchizedek the High Priest. Abraham, ‘the father of all who believe’ (Romans 4:11) had just returned from a mission to rescue his nephew Lot who was taken captive after a raid on Sodom, where he lived. When he returned from his victory over the group of five kings that took Lot captive, Abraham gave a tithe of the spoils to the High Priest.

Have you ever wondered why he gave him the tithe? Because Melchizedek was the High Priest and God’s representative on earth. Abram gave him the tithe as a token of honour and gratitude for his victory. It also added value to his worship. This tithe was completely voluntary; there was no precedent, no law, no obligation – just an act of honour from a faithful heart.

Worship has real meaning when it is done in spirit and in truth, flowing freely from the heart. But, as the old saying goes, talk can be cheap, and a good way to add value to your worship is to put your money where your mouth is. We value money in today’s world, and when you give money, you give value.

When worship means something to you, it will mean something to the Lord as well. Make your worship a more meaningful experience by honouring Him with a tenth part of your increase.

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